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Year 4 incorporate 'Hands' into this week's learning

Year 4 incorporate 'Hands' into this week's learning

As part of the Take One Picture week, Year 4 have spent the week focussing on the characters’ hands and have incorporated ‘Hands’ into all our learning.

In Maths we have drawn grids and plotted coordinates before joining the points to guess which hand form the painting we have created. We further developed our maths skills by devising new coordinates in order to translate the hand shapes.

In RE we explored the history of Mehndi patterns and how they are used to decorate hands and feet . We drew around our hands and created our own intricate patterns whilst listening to relaxing Indian flute music.
English saw us analysing three different poems about hands, focussing on the rhyme structure and the use of vocabulary to express emotion. This prepare us for planning and composing our own poems, using the Take One Picture as inspiration.

In ICT we used our hands to recreate the hand poses of the characters as well as their facial expressions and thought of words which best depicted the emotions that the hands and faces portrayed.

Finally, in Science, we used our hands to carry out a range of experiments to prove that air exerts pressure, including putting a hard boiled egg into a milk bottle !

All in all a very ‘Hands On ‘ week for Year 4 !!!

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