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Year 4 - Invader or Settler?

Year 4 - Invader or Settler?

In Topic this week we dispelled the myth that all Vikings were fearless warriors. We discovered that whilst many were forced to find new lands due to lack of space in their own countries, many of them were fishermen, farmers and craftsman.

The year group were given a task to demonstrate their understanding of Viking settlements. They were divided into Viking Invaders and Viking Settlers, each having to design their ideal settlement.The Invaders the perfect settlement to invade, the Settlers the ideal settlement in which to live. We discussed how the Invaders,once they had invaded, may have become Settlers.

We took inspiration from the the holy island of Lindisfarne, off the Northumbrian coastline.Connected to the mainland by a causeway it made an ideal place for settlers but not so ideal for Invaders as they would be visible from all angles.

Once the children had designed their settlements they then had to explain the features and why they had chosen them, before ranking them in order of importance.

Some of the Number one choices and why :

I think a valley is the most important because we can shoot down on the settlers. Zac C.Invader
I chose near a river because water is very important for drinking,bathing and washing clothes. Millie G.Settler
Near the sea so you can fish for food, you need food to survive. JJ. Settler
In a valley,it is easier to attack and shoot arrows and there isn't a way to escape. Oscar. Invader

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