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Year 4 learn about Mexican Festival

Year 4 learn about Mexican Festival

Yr 4 frogIn RE this week we have been finding out about the Dia de los muertos. It is also known as the Day of the Dead and is a Mexican festival that takes place over the first two days of November. We were amazed to find out that despite the name, it is actually a day of celebration. After finding out all about this festival, we were then quizzed to find out what we had learnt; this encouraged us to work well with our partners.

In Topic, we have continued to find out about what life is like in rainforests around the world. We have all had time to carefully explore a wide variety of artefacts, from musical instruments to Penan blow pipes. These artefacts have all helped us to get a wider understanding of life in the rainforest.

‘I was amazed at how many different ways the people in the rainforest make music- water drumming was my favourite’ Amber

‘I can’t believe that in the rainforest people have monkeys and toucans for pets!’ Marea

‘I learnt that children eat deadly spiders- as big as dinner plates!’ Aidan

‘I found out that the Penan tribe actually scrape poison off the back of poison dart frogs to make their deadly poison arrows for their blow pipes.’ Henry

‘It’s fascinating how the Penan people make so many different items out of the things they find in the rainforest around them.’ Sam

‘I was astounded by the detail that went into the making of some of the carved figures that we looked at.’ Freddie

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