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Year 4 learn about 'Moving and Growing'

Year 4 learn about 'Moving and Growing'

In Science this term, the children have been learning all about ‘Moving and Growing’. We have delighted in examining the different bones that make up the human skeleton, their functions and have even learnt their scientific names. We were amazed to discover that our skeletons actually have more in common with a cat’s than we would think! After our work in class, we were all keen to try out the chicken bone experiment and the number of bendy bones brought into school, opened up a wealth of discussion in the classroom- thank you for all your help at home with this mini investigation. This week, using the knowledge and skills learnt during this part of the term, we have planned and carried out our own investigations into whether bone length is linked to athletic ability. We have enjoyed the chance to develop our collaborative and organisational skills and look forward to using chromebooks next week to create our own graphs to display the data!

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