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Year 4 learn about earthquake safety drills

Year 4 learn about earthquake safety drills

Over the last two weeks, Year 4 have been investigating earthquakes. First, we learnt that the power of an earthquake is measured using a seismometer. This detects the vibrations caused by an earthquake and plots these on a seismograph. The strength, or magnitude, of an earthquake is measured using the Richter scale, which is numbered 0-10. We found out that earthquakes measuring just 1 or 2 are so small that they often go unnoticed. However, those measuring over 7 can have devastating consequences.

Next, the children researched what safety precautions people living in earthquake zones should take. Then, they produced posters to give their top tips. For example, they discovered that where earthquakes are common, families are advised to have an emergency communication plan. When an earthquake strikes, it is safest to drop down, take cover and hold on, taking shelter under a sturdy table and staying away from windows.

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