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Year 4 perfect their painting using perspective

Year 4 perfect their painting using perspective

This term we have been creating wonderful art work linked to our Viking topic. We all enjoyed designing and making beautiful gold amulets using a mixture of materials including card, foil, paint, sting and beads. These are now proudly displayed in the Year 4 classrooms.

This week, we looked carefully at a painting of a boat and discussed how the artist used perspective; a way of portraying three dimensional objects to show depth and distance. We are now painting our own Viking longship, using the techniques we observed. The first step was to lightly sketch the outline of the ship. We planned to include a large ship in the foreground and another smaller one in the background, creating the illusion that it was further away. Next, we focused on mixing shades of blue and white paint to create the impression of waves moving and splashing against the boat. We look forward to completing this work in our next art lesson so we can show you the finished paintings!

Please can we remind everyone that Year 4 are now swimming on a Thursday afternoon, as there was a lot of missing kit last week. The children need to remember to bring named swimming kits, including a hat please.

The ESB exam is fast approaching and it is really important that the children practise their poem and talk regularly over half term, so that they are well prepared and confident on the day. We have suggested that they may like to try performing in front of a mirror, as well as to an adult at home. Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Have a great half term!

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