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Year 4 persevere with mathematical problems!

Year 4 persevere with mathematical problems!

On Wednesday, Year 4 really enjoyed taking part in a challenging but fun Maths workshop, kindly organised by Mrs Rowe. Using their teamwork skills, the children worked in small groups to tackle a wide range of tricky problems from tangrams to triangular number puzzles. To find solutions, the children were required to use different mental calculation strategies, shape and spatial awareness skills and logical reasoning. Often, an element of trial and error was necessary and the teachers were particularly impressed with the way the children worked together and persevered, even when they found a problem difficult at first. This is also reflected in what the children said when they were asked about the activities:

“Everything was challenging but we worked as a team to complete lots of problems!”
Harry W

“All the challenges were different so it really made you think! We also worked with different people who we might not normally work with so we got to learn skills from others.”
Lily W

“I liked it because it was challenging and it made you feel good when you completed one!”
Dan W

“We enjoyed working with different people as we all had different ideas.”
Olivia B

It was good to work in a team because we all had different strategies to share.”
Nathan S

Thanks again to Mrs Rowe for a fantastic afternoon of Maths.

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