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Year 4 study the Christian Christmas story

Year 4 study the Christian Christmas story

Over the last two weeks, Year 4 have been studying the Christian Christmas story in greater depth during their RE lessons. This has really helped the children to develop their understanding of the events that occurred prior to, and following, the birth of Jesus. They subsequently enjoyed discussing the significance of the roles of the angels, Magi, shepherds and King Herod. Next, the students focused on artists’ depictions of various scenes from the Christmas story, including all of these figures. This prompted interesting dialogue about the various emotions evoked by the different images and events. Working in pairs, the children were then tasked with organising a set of key images into a diamond nine format. This was used to prioritise, where the image they considered to be most important was placed at the top and the one they considered least important at the bottom (as shown in our photograph). There was obviously no right or wrong answer so this was a great way to facilitate discussion where the children could give opinions and also explain and justify them to others.

We now hope you will enjoy watching the Year 4 version of the Christmas story at our performance next week! Many thanks to all who have helped the children with costumes for this.

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