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Year 4 study the water cycle

Year 4 study the water cycle

In Science, we have continued to explore changes in state. Taking on the role of particles, we have learnt that they behave differently when in solid, liquid or gas form. We have also been studying the water cycle and have even learnt a song to help us remember the process! We learnt about the important role that the rainforest plays in the water cycle and were amazed to discover that moisture created in the Amazon rainforest ends up falling as rain as far away as Texas!

In English, we have continued to use our growing understanding of the issues surrounding deforestation to delve further into the contrasting arguments involved. Whilst we all felt that cutting down trees is wrong, we realised that living without a ready supply of wood and all the products that are made from it, would require some significant lifestyle changes. To conclude our work on deforestation, we have been learning how to write a balanced argument. In our writing, we needed to explain both sides of the argument and decide whether it is morally right or wrong to cut down rainforest trees; this initiated an in-depth class debate.

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