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Year 4 take their ESB exams and become Viking raiders

Year 4 take their ESB exams and become Viking raiders

The children were excited, nervous and relieved that it was finally the week of the ESB exams. However, once they went along in their groups and met the lovely examiners, they realised there was nothing to worry about. Everyone came out saying how much fun they’d had (one child even saying it was the MOST fun they’d ever had!) and the feedback from the teachers in there was that everyone gave their very best and were a joy to watch.

After all that excitement, the children then had to think about the thoughts and feelings of a Viking warrior about to raid Lindisfarne. First, we thought about what a journey across the rough seas on a longship would be like. Jago described the conditions on board, ‘At night, we huddled together under the sail to keep warm from the freezing winds.’ Next, we investigated techniques to build tension as the raiders approached England. Zoe described the approach to Lindisfarne, ‘Suddenly, something moved. I grasped my sword. My heart was pounding as we drew closer…’ Finally, the raid itself was recounted, including descriptions of plunder, burning buildings and terrified monks. The children really got into the character of their Viking and how they would have felt about the raid. Next week, we’ll be looking more at the day to day life of the Vikings in England.

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