Year 4 - Vicious Vikings | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 4 - Vicious Vikings

Year 4 - Vicious Vikings

We have had great fun this week, learning about the life of a Viking. We have learnt more about them as ‘raiders’, and written in the first person as a warrior arriving at the monastery of St. Cuthbert’s on Lindisfarne. There have been some incredibly detailed and blood-thirsty descriptions which the children have taken great delight in writing.

We have also discovered more about them as ‘traders and settlers’, and have particularly enjoyed investigating the types of homes they lived in then building our own Viking long houses. Did you know that they slept with their animals and that they used a mixture of mud, clay, cow dung and horse hair called wattle and daub to construct the walls. We used cleaner and less smelly materials for ours!

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