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Year 4 view artefacts from the Penan Tribe of Borneo

Year 4 view artefacts from the Penan Tribe of Borneo

Rainforest products of many different varieties and uses have been tasted and handled this week by the children in Year 4 as part of their rainforest topic.

Fruit, vegetables and artefacts brought the jungles of Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Borneo into the classroom. Mr Atkinson allowed us to see all the presents he was given by the Penan Tribe when he worked at school in Borneo. The children were particularly impressed with the long, sharp spear and the poison tipped darts used for hunting monkeys high up in the rainforest's canopy.

We looked carefully at the vibrant colours of the different fruits and tasted some of the more unusual ones with a mixture of bravery and reticence.

"I am very surprised that I like physalis" -Caitlin

"The papaya was not as sweet as I thought it would be" -Lily

" I really didn't like the papaya because it tasted too bitter" -Timo

"I loved the smell of the coffee" -Marcus

"The pineapple was golden and juicy" -Ross

We also smelled and felt star anise, cinnamon and manioc flour which is used to make flat bread.

The most exciting part, and a real treat, was sampling three different kinds of fair trade chocolate, made from cocoa beans grown in Brazil and vanilla flavouring from Madagascar.

Next week we are looking forward to celebrating some of the children's work from this term at our 'Celebration Assembly' in Great Missenden Hall on Wednesday at 1445.

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