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Year 4 visit the British Museum

Year 4 visit the British Museum

Last Friday, Year 4 enjoyed a trip to The British Museum in London, where we discovered many fascinating facts about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Everyone enjoyed examining a range of artefacts, especially those from the amazing Anglo-Saxon ship burial found at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. Here the imprint of a 27-metre-long ship was uncovered and at its centre was a ruined burial chamber packed with treasures including silverware, gold jewellery, a lavish feasting set, and most famously, an ornate iron helmet. We loved watching a lively and engaging film called ‘Viking Adventures’, which was the perfect way to draw together some of the key aspects of Viking life. On-screen quizzes, blind tastings, expert insights and experimental archaeology were just some of the ways used to bring the Vikings to life.

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This week, we celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday with a range of creative and enjoyable activities, despite the weather! We created our own moving guard, did a quiz about the Queen and had great fun working in house groups in the afternoon.
What another busy and exciting week for Year 4! We now look forward to seeing you all at the Summer Fun Day this weekend.

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