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Year 4 - We’re having a dance party!

Year 4 - We’re having a dance party!

In Year 4 we place a great emphasis on child led activities as this provides them with the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and it has been great to see them develop as independent and conscientious learners. This has been evident in our computing lessons where we have created our own dance parties.

We started off the term by following simple coding instructions where the children had to use a ready made template and character. They needed to create a simple sprite character move around using animations and actions. Following on from this, they had to change the background and add in new characters.

As the children showed great excitement and enthusiasm, we challenged them to follow a series of instructions to create their own animations by writing their own set of codes. We were able to show them a fantastic coding website and they thoroughly enjoyed creating their own dance party. To complete each level the children had to make animals move using coding instructions, animations and actions. In each game there are 10 levels that need to be completed and so the children were able to fully take ownership of their understanding and learning.

If you’re intrigued and want to have a go click here!

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