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Year 4 write amusing letters to an animal agony Aunt!

Year 4 write amusing letters to an animal agony Aunt!

Year 4 are feeling festive!

This week Year 4 had lots of fun reading a book called ‘Ask Dr K Fisher about Animals’, written by Claire Llewellyn. This innovative book uses a problem-page format to explain scientific facts in a really amusing and engaging way. 'Problems' are mailed to agony aunt, Dr K Fisher, who then responds to them with sympathy and a wealth of knowledge. She answers the concerns that plague wild animals by patiently responding to each animal's letter - about themselves, their peers and family life. Dr K Fisher's replies provide lots of interesting information about food chains, life cycles and animal defences. We all really enjoyed getting into role as a concerned rainforest creature, then writing our own letter to Dr Fisher. There were many creative ideas, for example, a chameleon who was ignored by his friends, a jaguar who was worried about his spots, a toucan embarrassed about the size of his beak and a butterfly who didn’t understand why her children were nothing like her!

As we come to the end of the autumn term, we will review what we have learnt about the rainforest. I think we all agree that this has been a thoroughly enjoyable cross-curricular topic, where we have discovered so much. In the New Year we look forward to beginning our next topic, natural disasters.

Of course, the main event of the week was our Christmas play on Wednesday. We hope that families and friends enjoyed the show as much as we did! Thank you to all who helped with the preparations for this - your support is very much appreciated. Everyone worked really hard to learn their lines, sing beautifully and perfect their class dance. The staff were really proud of the children and their great performance- well done Year 4!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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