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Year 4 write a reflective poem

Year 4 write a reflective poem

As another school year comes to a close
The holidays are near, everyone knows
So we thought that it would be just perfect
To take some time, think back and reflect

The start of a new year can be quite scary
If we didn’t like it, could we go back to Year 3?
But the classrooms were ready, the teachers inviting
And our first topic of rainforests was really exciting

Days grew shorter, cold set in
A few Cross Country races we tried to win
The Christmas production took a great deal of courage
A magical story set in a garage

After New Year we began to study the earth
Took a trip into London to learn about the world’s birth
And now we know lots about each natural disaster
Especially those who spent some time in plaster!

The final term was here but still so much writing
Exploring the day-to-day life of a Viking
The ESB was scary but also quite fun
We felt happy and content when it was done

The heat was rising, when’s the end of term?
If it gets over 30, do we still have to learn?
Next year sounds so different from the norm
The end of our class-life, we now have a form

And all of a sudden the last week is here
We’re not sure about Year 5, it fills us with fear
But alas this final term is to be no more
Thank you teachers, what an amazing Year 4!

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