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Year 4 write in role as a Viking warrior

Year 4 write in role as a Viking warrior

Year 4 Viking writing

This week the Year 4 children have been using the chromebooks to edit and improve their historical writing about the Viking raid at Lindisfarne. Taking part in a range of drama activities really helped them to get into role as a Viking warrior!

Our writing began with detailed descriptions of the long and dangerous journey to England, travelling on a Viking longship. We tried to use the senses and include a range of interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

Dark clouds were advancing menacingly. Then they were upon us - huge waves pounding against the hull of the boat. Thunder crashed angrily and forked lightening flashed out across the night sky. Niamh S

Next, we focused on building tension as the Vikings arrived at the holy island of Lindsifarne. We used short, snappy sentences and included feelings and an ellipsis to hook the reader.

We crept stealthily forward and our boat was now out of sight. My heart pounded. I clung tightly to my weapons. I was breathing heavily. We all stood silent, ready...
Oscar V

Following this, we tried to shock the reader by using powerful vocabulary to describe the violent attack on the monks living in the monastery.

They were no match for our monstrous swords. Blood splattered everywhere and the monk lay helpless and still, dead.
Jonathan R

Finally, we ended our piece by reflecting on the raid, including thoughts and feelings.

Guilt struck me. Maybe we shouldn’t have killed all those innocent monks? Slightly frustrated about how long the journey home would take, I took a deep breath of refreshing sea air.
Felicity B

The teachers are all really impressed with the effort that Year 4 have put into this writing project. We are sure that the children will enjoy showing you their work soon!

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