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Year 5 learn all about advertising from Mr Turner

Year 5 learn all about advertising from Mr Turner

Year 5 are enthusiastically creating and designing their brands in preparation for writing their advertisements. On Tuesday, they were treated to a visit from Nick Turner, Brand Manager for 2K Games. The children were fascinated to learn of all that Nick does to bring his company's games to the attention of buyers. He spoke to them about brands, logos, identifying the target audience and how to think of unique selling points for their products. Nick had prepared a fantastic quiz for the children to identify brands from their slogans and logos and we did so well, we had to conclude we had been well and truly brainwashed by the advertisers!

Following Nick's visit, many of the children put his advice into action and changed their original ideas to ones that were snappier and more attention grabbing.

Thank you so much to Nick Turner for this insight into the exciting world of game advertising and marketing. Many Year 5's are now keen to follow in his footsteps!

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