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Year 5 A & B Netball Match v Chesham Prep - Friday 11 March

Year 5 A & B Netball Match v Chesham Prep - Friday 11 March

These were seven a side matches for both the A & B teams with 4 quarters lasting 10 mins. Our girls are not used to such a long game and both teams worked very hard at all times.

The A team started well but they were against an amazing team who showed excellent defence as well as attacking play. The girls never gave up and had some successful moments when they were able pass well and score. Although daunting, this was a good experience for the girls to play a stronger team and they will learn from it.

The final score Gateway 5 - Chesham Prep A- 20

The A Team - (with goals scored in brackets.): –

Abi H, Amelia O (3), Jemma T, Josie G-R, Lily P (1),
Lucy A, Matilda B and Stephanie B(1).

The B team match was much closer in ability. Four of the Gateway girls originally playing were absent so Zahraa was moved to the B team to make up a full team of seven. Chesham took the lead early on scoring 3 goals in the first quarter. Gateway defended well in the second quarter and both teams scored 1 goal each. In the third and fourth quarters Chesham scored a further 3 goals and Gateway 1.

The final score Gateway 2-Chesham Prep A -7

The B Team – Zahraa B, Amber C (2), Eleanor W, Maria M, Shreeya P,
Harriet K(1), Emily B.

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