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Year 5 and 6 learn life skills through drama workshop

Year 5 and 6 learn life skills through drama workshop

On Monday, Year 5 and 6 were treated to a performance by Arc Theatre, who specialise in teaching life skills through drama. The focus of their presentation was 'Playing it Safe' which is particularly pertinent to our children with HS2 and all its associated building work and traffic looming. Also relevant for our children, many of whom live near or on farms, was the focus on safety on farms.

The play featured Isambard Kingdom Brunel and a young girl named Denver, who had illegally entered a building site and had had an accident. Their meeting occurred in her unconscious mind. Although great fun, there was a serious message for the children here about not acting on peer pressure and having the sense and strength of character to keep themselves safe.

After the presentation, the Gateway children were full of interesting observations and questions. They certainly knew of many unfortunates who had not made sensible decisions! The actors led this lively discussion and some children were able to act out scenarios where there might be peer pressure to do something unsafe.

Thank you very much to Arc for a thought provoking and entertaining day.

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