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Year 5 bring COULEURS to the world

Year 5 bring COULEURS to the world

Our Year 5s have been reviewing and extending their knowledge of France and it’s language since the new year. They have been brainstorming and discovering about French geography and well known attractions. As for the language, they have been introducing themselves with various questions and answers, talking about the weather, and practising numbers and dates.

This week, they have been focusing their attention on ‘les couleurs’, completing a worksheet to practise the vocabulary and familiarise themselves with the spellings. They have also been singing along to a catchy song, ‘Léon le Chaméleon’, which many of them have heard in previous years. It introduces a number of similes to help remember the meanings (eg. ‘Rose comme un cochon’ = Pink like a pig).

Can you work out the meaning of these colour similes:

‘Jaune comme un citron’

‘Blanc comme un mouton’

‘Vert comme le gazon’

‘Noir comme du charbon’

‘Orange comme du melon’

[Answers: Yellow like a lemon; White like a sheep; Green like the grass; Black like coal; Orange like melon]

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