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Year 5 celebrate their dads

Year 5 celebrate their dads

With Father’s Day approaching this weekend, Year 5 have been thinking about the little things which make their dads special. After listening to Valerie Bloom’s poem - Granny Is - they adapted the structure to create verses about the unique qualities of their fathers. Our families have become even more important to us all during lockdown, and it is clear from the poetry how much our Year 5s love all the quirky, individual things their dads do and say. A selection of all the verses is below - can you spot whose father is being described?!

Dad is

Chunky Yorkie bars,

Granny’s lasagne on huge plates,

salted roasted peanuts in his man-cave,

putting on too much weight in lockdown.

Dad is

Smashing the football at mum’s plants,

Laughing out loud at comedy shows,

Shouting at Arsenal when losing (not a nice noise),

Telling bad jokes.

Dad is

Cheese and Diet Coke in the kitchen

Being cheeky and giving Lola some

(Lola is my dog).

Dad is


He makes me laugh when I am feeling down,

Bike rides in the afternoon,

Telling stories about when he was younger .

Dad is

Salty smoked salmon lunches,

Roast lamb with peas.

He likes Lindt chocolate with mummy,

A rest from taxes and fees.

Dad is

Eating spicy Doritos,

As much coffee as he can from the new coffee machine.

His favourite roast dinner on Christmas Day

You will see him on the sofa stealing all the sweets.

Dad is

Always being funny

Making me laugh at bed time

when I’m supposed to be sleeping.

Dad says

Hazza Rue,thats me, go get me a beer.

Dad is

A KitKat lover but always finds it gone

Jam on toast eater (all time childhood favourite)

A tea drinker (not a coffee lover)

Dad is

The sofa-warmer while watching TV (always falling asleep),

Sunbathing for as long as possible,

A barbeque-cooker.

Dad is

Playing guitar, just the two of us,

Cycling as a family on a Sunday morning,

Running, even though he hates it

In the garden, pulling up weeds.

Dad is

On his phone looking at news,

Sitting on the swing outside doing work,

Watching TV, lying on the sofa,

Going out to buy food, caring for his family.

Dad is

Drinking protein shakes,

Making smoothies,

Eating gooey peanut butter.

Dad is

Full of ‘useful’ facts,

He knows things about everything,

About history, geography and random topics.

Dad says

‘Get up Alex. Be quiet Alex.

Alex, get out of the fridge. Don’t argue with your brother.’

Dad says, ‘I love you.’

Papa is

Eating cake,

Papa is making cake,

Papa is having toad in the hole

on a warm summer's day.

Dad is

Fried eggs, bacon, beans and toast

Brown bread butties and sandwiches with salad,

Ham with cheese.

Dad is

Going to the pub whenever there's a match (of rugby)

Chatting to his friends and hoping his team wins

A working father

He fixes the lawn and mows the grass, he mows the bushes,

He likes to hoover, he likes things clean.

Dad is

The scotch egg shopper,

He eats them whenever he can,

Coffee - drinks more than more than a full saucepan.

Dad is

Lying in a hammock fast asleep,

Playing golf with his friends, and me

Gardening and making bonfires,

At the end of a day asking us to get a pint of beer.

Dad is

Gigi the glis glis,

Tamelin the wild man,

Silie the fairy,

What happened to Moonface and their plan.

Dad is

Curry, we get it most Saturdays.

He never misses his chance to scoff down

Some homemade cakes and cookies.

Dad says

Let’s do this Pikachu,

I can’t help you sundance,

Astalavista baby.

Dad is

Telling embarrassing stories,

About the time his sister threw him out of his pram,

Or the time he set fire to his garden,

Dad always calls me ‘Am’.

Dada is

Hugs and kisses,

And reading books to me,

We are biking buddies,

And he loves to watch hockey.

Dad is

A lover of all things sweet, fizzy and spicy

In a great mood whenever he eats them.

My dad always says

“Just so you know,”

When we’re in the car getting ready to go.

Dad is

The one who tells us stories,

Makes me be proud of who I am.

Dad is the one whose teeth were knocked out but still carried on

He is the one who helps me with everything.

Dad is

Not a storyteller - he leaves that to mum,

Even though he is great fun.

Dad says

Chase your dreams like I chase those stars,

He is my dad,

The one I've always had.

Dad is

Funny stories,

About the times he crashed his cars,

He tickles our toes,

And stuffs his face with sweets.

Dad says

‘ Don’t spend all your money,

Share it with your family’,

Dad’s catchphrase : Indeed.

Dad is

A techy man.

He works with technology and he plays with technology.

He loves cool gadgets.

He bought a play station for me, but I think it was for him!

Dad says

‘Get out of that without moving and I bet you can’t’.

When we are play-fighting - this is dad’s favourite phrase.

Dad is funny.

Dad says

‘I am your father and you will listen to me’ in a Darth Vader voice,

‘Children should be seen and not heard’ but I know he doesn’t mean it

Dad’s the best.

Dad says

A stitch in time saves nine which

I have no idea what it means.

He also says a rolling stone gathers no moss.

What's the point of stone ?

He can just use a ball.

But all in all


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