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Year 5 children create their own 'Ancient Egyptian Museum'

Year 5 children create their own 'Ancient Egyptian Museum'

As we were unable to visit the British museum this term, Year 5 instead brought the museum to us! Gateway’s very own ‘Ancient Egyptian Museum’ opened its doors on Thursday afternoon. The children had worked tremendously hard both in school and at home to create some wonderful exhibits. We had artefacts such as amulets and jewellery, pyramids, temples, gods and goddesses, mummies, sarcophagi, canopic jars, food and menus, papyrus scrolls, a sphinx, a shaduf, as well as bastets (the cat goddess) and sistrums (musical instruments) created in Art and DT.

The children were fantastic museum guides to the classes and teachers from throughout the school who came to visit. They not only shared their exhibits and explained how they worked, but also gave much more information about what they have learnt in History this term. The visiting children and teachers were very impressed with the children’s work and knowledge, as well as the helpfulness of the museum guides. A great end to the fascinating topic of Ancient Egypt.

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