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Year 5 compete in French sports and activities lessons

Year 5 compete in French sports and activities lessons

After learning to describe themselves and other people this month, Year 5 enjoyed a game of ‘Guess Who’ in French lessons. They used the language they had learned to ‘forensically’ eliminate choices of different heights, hair and eye colours, etc., and finally discover the culprit.

This week our attention has moved on to the popular topic of sports and other activities, with some verbs using jouer (= to play) and others using faire (= to do). The familiar “F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L” song has been engrained into our minds, and a fun pelmanism game of matching sports vocabulary with pictures has caused great competition amongst classmates! The current leaders in each class so far are: [5A] Bea and Oli - joint on 59 sec. remaining, [5B] Harrison - 58 sec. remaining, [5C] Morrie - 1 min. 09 sec. remaining. Très bien Morrie! Can anyone beat him?

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