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Year 5 - Conjecture and hypothesis

Year 5 - Conjecture and hypothesis

Year 5 have returned to school refreshed and rejuvenated after their half-term break. They have much to look forward to, including Sports Day and the FOG fun day. ‘Gateway Goes Busking’ was hugely successful last half-term and the children collaborated effectively to devise a range of different group performances and acts.

In Maths, work on shapes has helped Year 5 children to reason with key properties and to develop their ability to make conjectures and to hypothesise. They have had to give proofs which have involved providing examples as well as non-examples. They have also looked at reflective symmetry in regular polygons and generalised to summarise their findings, ie. a regular polygon has the same number of lines of reflective symmetry as the number of sides and angles. Lots of questioning has challenged them to devise their own lines of enquiry and to seek answers through practical work.

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