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Year 5 consider what pleases them each week

Year 5 consider what pleases them each week

Our Year 5s seem to be enjoying school and everything that comes with it! Evidence of this can be seen every day as they tackle their various learning activities, be it academic, sporting, musical, artistic or otherwise. However, they also have a regular opportunity to reflect on all their enjoyable exploits from the previous week, when they complete their personal ‘Pleasing Page’ log. Towards the end of each week in their Learning for Life lesson, they pause for a few moments to think and note a couple of things that they have particularly enjoyed during the week; an achievement they took delight in, a lesson they thought was remarkable, or simply an incident they found amusing. Their log will build up over the year, and no doubt they will enjoy reading back over their various and varied experiences after they move up beyond Year 5.

Here are just a few of the things some of the Year 5s have found pleasing so far this term…

- I enjoyed drama because we acted as strange animals.

- I liked doing D.T. because we were trying to move a brick across a table with tubes.

- I enjoyed MFL when we were learning about foods and all the cars made in Germany.

- I enjoyed reading ‘The Boy at the back of the Class’ by Onjali Q. Rauf.

- I have enjoyed watching the movie ‘Kirikou’ because it was part of our African tales.

- I loved swimming because at the end we all got to jump in with any jump and I did a pencil jump.

- I enjoyed art because we started our Christmas cards and we drew at least 3 reindeers in the sky.

- I have really liked tutor time because we got to do a lot of reading.

- I enjoyed science because it was really funny when everyone knocked things over for the ‘Safety Rap’.

- I enjoyed doing my English homework because I got to draw an Anubis head in the corner of it.

- I enjoyed Mindfulness when we made a pin wheel because it helped me to calm down.

- I enjoyed Maths as we wrote answers in a thinking bubble and stuck them on the question on the wall.

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