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Year 5 count down and sing up to Noël

Year 5 count down and sing up to Noël

Our year 5 (and 6) children have been enjoying learning some German this term. Lately though, they have had to deftly switch between languages in lessons, as they are also learning a French song ready for next week’s carol concert! There has been the occasional mix-up of vocabulary, but on the whole, everyone has met the challenge very successfully.

They have found many similarities (and differences of course) between German and English words and phrases. Learning lots of catchy songs about numbers and various questions and answers, has enabled them to build a few short conversations. After a few sniggers at some of the family vocabulary (‘Mein Vater / mein Grossvater’), they have progressed to talking and writing about the names and ages of some of their own family members.

They will be focusing on French only in MFL lessons after the Christmas holidays. In the meantime, our Year 5s and 6s can be heard in lessons (and elsewhere around the school at times) practising their own French version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas‘. Joyeux Noël!

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