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Year 5 create colourful timelines

Year 5 create colourful timelines

‘Study History, study History. In History lies all the secrets of statecraft,’ Winston Churchill

The academic year has begun briskly with Year 5 enthusiastically creating a class time line to consolidate their understanding of the concept of time. To look back at an Ancient Civilisation is interesting, intriguing, mysterious and pleasing yet also challenging but I have loved seeing Year 5 using their research skills and curiosity to produce some amazing sections of the timeline.
As we make our way through the age, the children will learn how to investigate artefacts and be ‘history detectives.’ Looking at historical sources demands good thinking skills but all the classes have great motivation so I am sure they will enjoy discovering how Howard Carter located the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Later in the term we will visit Highclere Castle to view the exhibitions and of course marvel at the beautiful house with its fairy tale spires and familiarly known as ‘Downton Abbey.’

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