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Year 5 create a tropical island

Year 5 create a tropical island

On Friday, the whole school will be participating in South Pacific Day and during their English lessons, Year 5 pupils will be creating a tropical island from the description featured in their class book, Kensuke’s Kingdom. They will work in groups and focus on finding some really adventurous vocabulary to describe parts of the map. They may even use some Fijian language!

This term, the children have been studying a significant author, Michael Morpurgo, and they are busy writing small booklets about him and his stories. They have chosen a variety of themes for their work including the author’s interest in animals, World War 2, travels, legends and the sea. Some pupils have decided to investigate the real stories behind the books. In particular, they have been intrigued by the one about a woman, in Ireland, who cared for an elephant in her back garden after it was threatened with shooting during the war.

Children are being encouraged to read lots of Morpurgo books and Mrs G has plenty to borrow in her classroom. Please do ask your child about the stories. For homework, pupils will be researching and planning for their books and some support would be very helpful. Hopefully it will prove interesting for you too! We plan to display the children’s books in the library.

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