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Year 5 discuss different faiths

Year 5 discuss different faiths

Since the beginning of the year, Year 5 have been learning about the Jewish faith and have looked at the stories of Abraham and Moses, through a variety of animations and The Prince of Egypt film.

They have been introduced to Islam, including the Five Pillars and Hajj and are now learning about the life of Jesus and the way Christians practise their religion. This has allowed comparisons to be made between the three religions

We have discussed creation stories, places and methods of worship, journeys and rules and are currently examining the concept of miracles and are watching The Miracle Maker.
Each week, the children are given a famous painting of a biblical scene, which they use as a prompt from which to recount the previous week’s study. They seem to be enjoying this. RE lessons have become a great forum for lots of discussion about life and how it works! Perhaps you can find a moment to chat with your child about these lessons?

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