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Year 5 - Enjoy collaborating

Year 5 - Enjoy collaborating

We’re back! And Year 5 have been taking full advantage of being together again in class. This week we have focussed on all the things that were harder to replicate online - class discussion, debate, and working together. It has been fantastic to hear everyone contributing and sharing their ideas without having to turn their microphones on first!

In Maths, the focus has been on problem-solving using the skills we have learned this term. Year 5 worked in pairs, using their reasoning and estimation skills, and long multiplication, to come up with calculations to fit on a number-line. In groups, they solved puzzles using fractions and applied their knowledge of the four operations to grapple with ‘real-life’ problems.

In English, they have enjoyed role-play in pairs - as Kensuke and his wife - before writing Kensuke’s letter home. We have been really impressed by the care and attention Year 5 have paid to their drafting and handwriting skills after long weeks of working on a screen.

In PE, Year 5 have been involved in problem-solving games, working collaboratively to make decisions to cover all their team’s cones before a ‘chaser’ could get to them.

In every other subject too - from RE to Science to MFL - the classrooms have been full of the buzz of ideas exchanged. It’s good to be back.

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