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Year 5 examine what make a good story opening

Year 5 examine what make a good story opening

As part of our study of Michael Morpurgo, Year 5 have been reading and examining the way in which he creates good story openings. They have learned to plan a backstory for a character and then use that to open their tale in a variety of ways: dialogue, character description, setting, a statement or a question.

“Five minutes till your operation,” said the nurse, Emily looked up from her photos. They were photos from when she was in the war. Emily asked the girl, “Did you know I saved many people in the war?” James P

A nurse came in and told Emily it was time for her to have her medication. She refused. She wanted to concentrate on her crossword but she couldn’t. The letter lay on the table, waiting for her to read. She was layered in a blanket as it was winter. A picture fell from her shelf, onto her lap. She picked it up and the memories made her cry. Luca M

Once the children have practised several different openings, they are going to work with some photos of older citizens, imagining their backstory before writing the beginning.

The children are interviewing someone this week, to help add detail to their writing and it would be wonderful if you were able to guide them with this homework.

As the non-fiction element of this unit, they are going to research the life and works of Michael Morpurgo and present their findings in a creative way. They will explore his various themes namely, travel, animals, farms and war and find out why he is considered to be a significant author.

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