Year 5 Footsteps training | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 5 Footsteps training

Year 5 Footsteps training

As part of Walk to School Week, the Year 5 children were taken out onto the local roads in small groups to be given road safety training. The Footsteps initiative is run by County and 4 of our trained parent helpers (Mr Cook, Mrs Plah, Mrs Rowlands and Mrs Warner) gave up their Monday afternoon to train the children to Stage 3. The children were reminded of the Green Cross Code and shown how to choose the safest place to cross the road. They also talked about the many distractions that there are for drivers and how parked cars can be a potential hazard. The ‘importance of being seen’ is a part of the training as well, and how even on a bright, sunny afternoon, a driver’s visibility can be impaired.

The children really appreciated the training they were given; the objective is for them to be confident to walk more independently in Year 6 and beyond.

A great thank you goes out to those parents mentioned and also Mrs Laing and Mrs Boot-Handford who have also helped earlier in the year.

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