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Year 5 “go Deutsch” in MFL lessons!

Year 5 “go Deutsch” in MFL lessons!

Taking another Autumn term break from their French studies, our Year 5s have enjoyed being introduced to the German language (Deutsch) and Germany in MFL lessons. They began by reflecting on whether they already know anything about Germany or famous Germans. Many of them knew some famous German car manufacturers, but were unaware that Haribo and Werthers are in fact German sweet companies. Food is always an engaging topic, and so Frankfurters, Pretzels, Apfelstrudel and Black Forest Gâteau were all on the discussion menu. Some people had heard of Angela Merkel (the German Chancellor), as well as Albert Einstein, Beethoven and Bach, Adolf Hitler, Anne Frank, Boris Becker, Jürgen Klopp and Mesut Özil. Can you think of any other German things or people?

The Year 5s have started practising a few greetings and introducing themselves in German. They have also been learning numbers with the help of some fun, repetitive songs. Most of them can already count up to 20 (zwanzig) in German. Later in the term, they will be developing this language (and their acting skills!) in mock shopping role-plays. Perhaps some time in the future they will have the chance to visit a German speaking country and try out these skills for real.

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