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Year 5 head home after fun-packed Ironbridge trip

Year 5 head home after fun-packed Ironbridge trip

This week, Year 5 are in Ironbridge. For some, this will be their first time away from home! The trip is packed with learning opportunities and the Severn Gorge is absolutely stunning in May. As well as touring several museums, they are able to make connections between the different types of industry which were going on at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Today they have been to Blist's Hill, a recreation of a Victorian town. The children love to spend old money and learn about the trades which were around at that time. Year 5 parents should expect their children to come home with freshly baked bread (slightly nibbled), plaster casts or small cast iron souvenirs. For many though, the fun of dorm life is the highlight of the trip.

In class time, earlier this week, we were looking at the importance of taking a full day off work each week. We were learning from the Jewish Shabbat tradition in particular and applying some important lessons to our own lives.

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