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Year 5 - Highlights and hockey sticks

Year 5 - Highlights and hockey sticks

Our Year 5 children have made the transition to the Seniors, seamlessly. They arrived with a range of emotions, full of trepidation but excited about the independence and sense of responsibility involved with being at the ‘top’ of the school. Here are some Year 5 highlights quoted by the children so far: “Own lockers", "going swimming", "doing fun games and exercises in Drama", "singing in Senior Choir", "doing contact rugby", "learning about African tales in English", "learning about lots of German things", "making land yachts in D.T.", "getting to know all the wonderful people in our class".

They drew up a Class Charter and here are some of their quotes:

In this class…

We will learn from our mistakes; We will be forgiving; We will believe in ourselves; We will work as a team; We will strive to keep going; We will respect each other; We will try to achieve our goals; We will be happy; We will have fun and enjoy school.

Year 5 have begun their programme of Study Skills and are beginning to experience answering questions in Verbal Reasoning, Non- Verbal Reasoning and Maths. These will continue throughout the year until children have completed their Year 6 Senior School entrance exams.

This afternoon the Year 5 hockey players were hard at work honing their skills in preparation for their match against Pipers Corner next week. Best of luck!

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