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Year 5 - Immersed in the Victorian era

Year 5 - Immersed in the Victorian era

Year 5 have gone back in time this week, and become fully immersed in the world of the Victorians. In Maths, they learned about imperial measures, handling real shillings, florins, pennies, crowns and thruppenny bits. They erected a giant model of the Crystal Palace inside the hall - large enough to parade through - whilst learning why the original building had been built, and why it was so unique. Continuing the architectural theme, they walked through Great Missenden, were shocked by the presence of ‘The Cage’ (the building used as a prison in Victorian times), and spotted Victorian architectural features.

Back at school they were treated to a lace-making demonstration by Mrs Izard’s mother. They loved carefully ‘pricking out’ the patterns and trying their hand at moving the bobbins. They learned about William Morris and created their own Morris-style Victorian wallpaper.

The staff at the Chiltern Open Air Museum on Thursday were wowed by the children’s Victorian costumes. These really helped Year 5 feel the part, as they explored a Victorian cottage, scrubbed clothes with carbolic soap and ran them through the mangle, plaited straw for straw hats, and, best of all, attended Victorian school. They worked on slates, wrote neatly with dip pens in their copy books, and avoided the cane (just!). Just like at Gateway!

A week as a Victorian was not complete without enjoying some appropriate leisure pursuits. Year 5 tried their hand at the newly invented art of photography, made thaumotropes (Victorian optical illusion toys) and sorted through some Victorian stamps (learning about the British Empire along the way). The week drew to a close with an elegant tea; Year 5 talked about all they had enjoyed and learned whilst sipping their tea from bone china cups and savouring scones and a Victoria sponge.

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