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Year 5 - La Cuisine Française

Year 5 - La Cuisine Française

Year 5 have been finding out about French food in MFL for the last couple of weeks and have created some wonderful menus showing the interesting variety of food which originates in France.

‘Les croissants’ were very popular for ‘Le petit déjeuner’, though some preferred brioche, pain au chocolat or crêpes.

For ‘Le déjeuner’, some children liked the idea of ‘Les cuisses de grenouille’ (even after they discovered this was frogs’ legs!) and ‘Les escargots’ (yummy snails for some), though some opted for slightly less scary food such as ‘La ratatouille’ (once they discovered it wasn’t cooked rat) and ‘La salade niçoise’.

‘Le dîner’ consisted of a wide variety of delicious food, including ‘Le cassoulet’, ‘Des moules-frites’, ‘Le coq au vin’ and ‘Le ragoût de bœuf’. And a firm favourite for ‘Le dessert’ was ‘Mousse au chocolat’.

The lunch on French Day gave the opportunity to taste some of these foods, with the menu containing such delights as ‘Le bœuf bourguignon’, ‘La quiche au fromage et à l’oignon’ and ‘La pomme de terre au four’.

Some of the children’s comments:

Charlie Y loved the ‘bœuf bourguignon’ on French day.

Joss K: I didn’t realise that snails were cooked in a sauce and they they are called ‘escargots’.

Matilda B: I didn’t know that brioches came from France.

Adam Y: I don’t really like the fact that they eat frogs’ legs and snails, because it sounds a bit disgusting.

However, some of the children who have tried some of these French delicacies, can assure Adam they are much tastier than they sound. Try them one day!

Bon appétit!

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