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Year 5 learn about the animals of the Savannah

Year 5 learn about the animals of the Savannah

Year 5 are busy learning poems for the House Poetry Competition. The theme this year is animals of the Savannah, as they have been learning about the features of cultural tales and writing their own stories set in Africa.

The animals they have chosen include lions, elephants and leopards and each one provides a great opportunity to perform. The children are learning to project their voices, have clear diction and deliver their poems, with expression. We have practised in class and they are spending time during homework to perfect them. It would be wonderful if you could listen to them and maybe offer some advice?!

This week, they are also going to read each other’s African tales, to practise proofreading and to make comment on the use of the grammar we have learnt this term: good adjectives, verbs and adverbs and the use of modal verbs.

Our next unit of work will be to plan and produce a visitor’s pamphlet for the game reserve that features in our class book, The White Giraffe. This should be lots of fun!!

We are also following someone’s walk around the world which has helped with our understanding of different cultures.

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