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Year 5 learn to write collaboratively

Year 5 learn to write collaboratively

Year 5 have been busy writing collaboratively this week. Having watched the animation, ‘The Girl and the Fox’, they set about turning this touching story into a narrative poem. Each group of two or three took responsibility for a stanza. Armed with whiteboards and pens, they were able to try out a variety of ideas before arriving at the one that they agreed was the most effective. This process of editing one’s own work is a real skill and one that the children are developing. Rather than settling on their first efforts, they are now re-reading and changing as they work. Although the page does not look quite as beautiful with all these changes, the end results are much better pieces of work which have been given careful consideration by their authors. Here are some selected stanzas from the poems. To see more, please feel free to visit G9 where they are proudly displayed.

As evening came, the girl appeared,
Still drowsy from her bed,
Her precious ducks were lying there,
Bleeding, broken, dead.

Suddenly, the snow came down,
She struggled through howling gales,
Blinded, she could not go on,
Finally, her body failed.

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