Year 5 - Marvellous Maya | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 5 - Marvellous Maya

Year 5 - Marvellous Maya

It has been another very interesting week in History for Year 5. This term, the children are learning about the Maya civilisation. So far, we have had a particular focus on the Maya Gods and religious beliefs. This week, the children created fact files on some of the different Gods. They were particularly keen to learn why certain Gods were so important to the Maya civilisation and to learn that they had a God of rain - something we don't particularly need in the rainy UK! Their work was extremely eye catching, they used bright colours and passages of text to describe why the God they chose was so important.

We are very excited to announce that we have an upcoming workshop with a Maya Archaeologist - Dr Diane Davies. She will be talking to the children during their History lesson on Tuesday 9th February. She has shared some videos for us to investigate in the meantime, more to follow on that....

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