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Year 5 - Mummy trouble at the museum

Year 5 - Mummy trouble at the museum

When the lights are extinguished in Classroom S2 I wonder just which ‘mummies’ may come to life? In fact, there is Anubis, the jackal, (crafted from toilet rolls) and possibly joining him at play, would be some of the ‘shabtis’ who hide in the shadows of our fabulous ‘Ancient Egyptian Classroom Museum.’

The imagination runs wild!

And then there is the huge sarcophagus in which Tutankhamun lies and the canopic jars full of organs made from Play-Doh and cardboard, not to mention the beautiful jewellery box, lit up so spectacularly.

Why not turn learning displays into a museum exhibition? So that’s just what we did and the results are amazing!
The children’s lovingly made ‘artefacts’ are so beautiful! Lovingly constructed from a variety of materials, they tell the story of Ancient Egyptian culture and beliefs. Each ‘artefact’ has been labelled so that the children learn the skills of a museum guide, displaying, with care, the function of each item.

The idea of the ‘classroom museum’ helps bring interest and excitement to History and, of course, learning. It involves skills and problem solving, independent research and the requirement to study the original artefact, considering its purpose and construction.

A very sincere thank you to all in Year 5 who have made such an outstanding effort to create their museum display.
In the Spring Term, we will be ‘opening the museum’ to the younger children to view the exhibition and Year 5 will act as ‘guides.’

To extend the learning, we will compare and contrast the ancient civilisations of Central America with Ancient Egypt and recognise if there are any similarities or contrasts so that our ‘museum’ will reveal some even more exciting objects.

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