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Year 5 read the story 'The White Giraffe'

Year 5 read the story 'The White Giraffe'

Year 5 have been reading The White Giraffe, a story from Africa about a girl who goes to stay with her grandmother on a game reserve. There was a recent news item, available on Youtube, about the filming of the rare white giraffe and you might find it fun to look at it with your child.

We have been focusing on how an author creates characters in stories.and we read extracts from Bleak House and Harry Potter before focusing on two main characters from our book. These were a white South African who is depicted as an unpleasant bounty hunter and a gentle African, from the Zulu tribe, who only wants to care for the animals. The children compared the two, by drawing them and finding references to their different personalities in the text. The comprehension of texts is an important skill and perhaps you can find some time at home to talk about your child’s current book and how the characters differ? We are discovering the joy of reading! Every day, the children are being read to from the beginning of a variety of books. Winter is here and curling up with a book is wonderful!

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