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Year 5 rebuild London with matchboxes!

Year 5 rebuild London with matchboxes!

How do you bring an old map alive? Well, with a sprinkling of creativity, some research into the life of the artist William Hogarth and pots of patience. Year 5 did a great job in re-creating the 1746 map of London. They were ably assisted by Year 6, too.

Yes, besides theatres, parks, old timber clad houses and Georgian homes in which you could peer into the fascinating rooms – just with a simple pull of a drawer, London life could be viewed Lilliput style. In fact, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathan Swift, had just been published. I love miniatures, don’t you?

Penny created a ‘sedan chair’ which I rather think I need after this week. For a shilling the wealthy could be transported, by footmen, across London. Mind due, there were some risks. You might have been unceremoniously toppled onto the muddy pavement by a surprise beer barrel rolling towards you or worse still a pickpocket who deftly snatched your wig, with just one swift grasp. There were also the chamber pots, alarmingly emptied from casement windows and a rhinoceros chained to a lamp post in The Strand, just for your amusement.

For further fascinating facts then please do come and explore the models and miniature Hogarth’s house, lovingly created alongside a Lego Smithfield Meat Market. You may also like to learn that the original name was ‘Smooth Field,’ just as Knightsbridge was ‘Knight’s Bridge’.

Thank you Years 5 and 6 for all your fantastic in-put into this project.

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