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Year 5 - Residential ready

Year 5 - Residential ready

We are getting very excited to be visiting the first bridge in the world to be made of iron - Ironbridge! Year 5 have already learnt so many facts about the bridge - please do ask them!

In preparation for the residential trip, we will be learning about the importance of the Industrial Revolution and how this shift brought about changes in culture as people moved from rural areas to big cities in order to work.

During the residential, we will be visiting a Victorian classroom and become fully immersed in what life was like for a child in this period of time. We are sure Year 5 will appreciate their lovely school even more after their visit.

Many children are also now attending early morning classes and experiencing a range of non-verbal and verbal reasoning questions. Study Skills lessons will continue to develop pace and accuracy. Children are working hard and are showing resilience in their approach.

Year 5 have begun to read our text for the term, ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. The story is about young, poverty stricken Jim Jarvis who is trying to scratch a living on the streets of London. We have been using our best Cockney accents to bring the story to life in our drama lessons. Jim meets some ghastly characters as he fights for survival and we have taken on those roles with real enjoyment and enthusiasm. The sheer desperation of Jim’s situation is really shocking to all of us, and I am afraid things will get worse for Jim before they get better. This book is the perfect accompaniment for our studies of Victorians in our history lessons. My goodness, we are lucky with all we have now!

In Maths, children have begun to plan and create their own maths games in preparation for Maths Day on Thursday 12th May. They have been using diagrams to answer challenging word problems relating to percentages and have used BIDMAS to consider the order of operations when tackling calculations. Answering the relevant word problems required them to construct number sentences which will form the pretence for future work on algebra.

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