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Year 5 study the Girl and the Fox

Year 5 study the Girl and the Fox

This is an exciting term for Year 5 which includes a trip to Ironbridge, as part of their exploration of the Victorian era and in English,we will be reading Street Child, by Berlie Doherty in order to provide a literary example of life during these times. We will also be learning how narrative poetry is constructed. In order to prepare for this, they are watching an animation called The Girl and the Fox (available on YouTube) which is a charming tale of a small girl lost, in a wood in winter and how she befriends a fox. From this story, the children will, collaboratively, write a rhyming narrative poem. In order to prepare, we will be playing lots of rhyming games and creating a rhyming reference sheet. Perhaps you could play some rhyming games at home? E.g. the dog waded through the bog in the fog; the mouse spring cleaned his house to get rid of the louse. Finally, the children will be given a short story from which they will be asked to create a narrative poem. Some of this work will be given as homework.

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