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Year 5 study 'The Earth and Beyond'

Year 5 study 'The Earth and Beyond'

Moon Y5

This half term we are studying ‘The Earth and Beyond’ and the children are taking part in a Moonwatch. It started last Monday and will last for the full Lunar Month - 28 days. Each day the children will be looking out for the Moon and showing each ‘phase’ (if visible!) on a handy chart. The watch has started at the time of a ‘New Moon’ and by now we are seeing a ‘Waxing Crescent’ - a crescent that will grow in size until the ‘First Quarter’ (Half) Moon. In class we will be learning why it appears to change shape over the course of its orbit of the Earth. Whilst out moon-watching, on clear nights, could you encourage the children to take an interest in the whole night sky - I have already heard of some great Apps that some children have access to at home; at present there are even opportunities to see the International Space Station early in the morning!

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