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Year 5 tackle some practical measuring problems

Year 5 tackle some practical measuring problems

What are the dimensions of a shelving unit? Is there space for it by the window? What area is the floor? How much will it cost to carpet that area? Year 5 have been grappling with some very practical problems of perimeter and area this week.

With measuring tapes and rulers to the ready, we have been learning how to measure carefully, convert between units of measurement of length, calculate perimeters of different shapes, and find the areas of rectilinear and compound shapes. You can now call upon your Year 5 child to help you tile that oddly-shaped bathroom floor. They will coolly break the shape down into simpler rectangular shapes, find the area of each and add up the total.

Next week they will be using all that area and perimeter knowledge to design a special North Pole home for someone very important. Apparently, a large gift-wrapping area is required, and stables for some animals with antlers...

In the meantime, here is a challenge for you all to enjoy over the weekend: what is the largest area, and longest perimeter you can make using only one toilet roll? The only rule is that each strip of toilet paper must touch another. We look forward to seeing your answers (together with photos) next week!

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