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Year 5 take part in Lego 'WeDo' workshop

Year 5 take part in Lego 'WeDo' workshop

On Thursday the Year 5 children were broken into 2 groups to take part in a Lego 'WeDo' workshop. The activity involved building a device designed to pull a heavy load. Once they had finished building, it was connected wirelessly to an Ipad and then the children had to write a program to control the device. We then came together and tested our devices against each other in a 'machine wars' tug of war. The results lead to a discussion on friction, materials and distribution of weight. After the discussion, each group went back and redesigned their device to be stronger and more efficient. The workshop involved a lot of thinking and problem solving and even a larger amount of fun!

Y5 Boys hard at work

In RE, we have been looking back at the year and deciding for each of the things we have covered, "Why do we need to learn this?" It was a good chance to go back over the points we had all forgotten!

In Maths, the children are still working hard and we are taking a sneak preview of the Year 6 material while still consolidating some of the topics which needed to be revised after the end-of-year test. Year 5 seem to still have all of their energy and perseverance intact even after such a busy year!

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