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Year 5 - Tomb Raiders and Mummies

Year 5 - Tomb Raiders and Mummies

‘Tomb Raiders and Mummies’- an exciting exhibition by Year 5, at the ‘Gateway Museum’. If you go down to G8 today ….be sure of a big surprise….

History has become tangible, palpable…in the form of mysterious mummies, beautifully and lovingly made replica ‘tombs,’ glittering jewellery fit for a Princess, pottery, shabtis, canopic jars, papyrus, pyramids, a sarcophagus, the ‘Eye of Horus’ and mummified cats!

The children have learnt how artefacts tell us about the past, asked key questions of them and subsequently made their own ‘artefacts’ to explain what they have learnt. Their hard work has produced an amazing result! Thank you to everyone for bringing the ‘museum’ to life, for your enthusiasm and for the time you devoted in achieving such a magnificent display.

Peep into the tomb and see for yourself!

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